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December 26, 2003


As I drove up to the pass I noticed that this was the Southwest Cheif sitting and waiting.  The train had been waiting there since 6:00 a.m.  Part of the tracks through Kneebrook had been washed out due to the rain storms and the bare hills from the fires.  The train did not leave the area until 10:15, over 4 hours late.

This BNSF was also stuck waiting to head down.


Heading up the pass, this is through Blue Cut.

UP on the SP mainline.

The back end DPU.

The next four are rare shot of three Norfolk Southern Heading down the Cajon Pass.

At Alray

At Swarthout Rd.

An auto train heading east.

BNSF Helpers.

A long manifest heading East.

A baretable heading East.

And Another.