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January 2, 2004

I got early this morning to see what kind of light I could catch at the top of the summit.  There was nothing there so I decided to go up to the Summit Valley and see what was coming down.  The sunrise light was perfect for this shot. Luckily the train wasn't moving and I didn't get any blur.  The guys at railpictures didn't like it since "it was just a roster shot."

I love this shot, it really shows of the whole train.
Tip: When taking pictures at the summit it's best if there is cloud cover, otherwise there is a shadow and the trains are in the dark.

These pushers were at the end of the stack train above.

While waiting I saw three of a kind (three Heritage I painted BNSF).

I was able to race down and catch this train at the Cleghorn exit.

The next train that came up had a GP60B, number 345.

A rare sight a Norfolk Southern leading the way up the pass.

Another look at the GP60B

Back at the Summit I caught these UP's changing over to the second main line.  Later he transitioned to the third line or the SP line.

Right behind the UP was a BNSF stack train heading down.

I headed back down and caught the same trains going through Swarthout canyon.

Back at the top I these four heading east.

While another stack train headed down.

Another stack train heading east.

A bare table UP heading down.

A unique combination of trains heading down.

The same train through Swarthout canyon.

Then a UP train comes through.