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January 10, 2004

Early Morning through Swarthout Canyon

While waiting the group of guys heard over the radio that the third unit was the Olympic Torch train.

This was a unique site, only two Dash 9's going up the pass.

This was the first time that I caught the Southwest Chief at the Summit.  He came through at 10:17, didn't even stop to set the brakes.  While I followed it down he was doing well over 25 MPH.

Another Shot of the Chief going through the Cleghorn Area.

And another through Swarthout Canyon.

Right behind was BNSF unit going East.

A rare shot of a BNSF unit going up the main line.

The following 6 shots were taken with a fellow rail-fan in the burned out area.

While I was waiting at the bottom of Swarthout Canyon I saw this SD90MAC-H.  I did about 90 MPH to get up to the third line and capture it.

This was taken in Colton at with a very old Dash-9 unit.

Take at Cleghorn

I like this shot a lot, waited over a year to get both of lined up.  Actually the SD-40-2 units stopped and blocked traffic for 10 minutes when UP came down on the third main line.