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April 9, 2004

Early morning and the first train I saw was three Norfolk Southern trains heading West.  Last I heard they are not changing out the power, rather BNSF is letting NS go all the way to the Harbor.

At Mormon Rocks two UP units came down on the SP/UP line.

I headed up to the Summit and these three BNSF were waiting to continue going East.

I headed back down to Swarthout and waited. These UP units were going about 50 MPH.  All the containers were empty.

At Swarthout two BNSF Heritage II came by.

And then a set of four.

My lucky day two Warbonnets came up, one new and one old.

Empty coil cars.

Same two crossing the bridge by Mormon Rocks.

Then at the Summit.

A few shots through Summit Valley.

Back at Swarthout an interesting consist came up.

The same at the Summit.

Then an interesting consist came up with two SD60M's.

A closer look.

Then a consist of seven units came up.

A very busy day at the Summit.

Then another Warbonnet heading down.

Then another warbonnet came through.

A closer look.

An interesting consist came up with a GP60M and yes a GEVO unit!

A look at the GEVO unit.

Very interesting unit, the radiator fans shape.

Then the GP60M unit.

Three units heading down.

Then four UP units with no flag units.

Then switching over to the second track to head down.


And at the helper end.

The same engines by Mormon Rocks

The helper end.