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April 23, 2004


Today was a Warbonnet day! I couldn't believe it, I did a lot of driving to capture all of them.

But, first up was a UP with a flag unit.

Then the Warbonnets came.

This is one of my best shots with the dead Avie plant.

By Mormon Rocks.

Just North of Swarthout.

At Cleghorn.

At the summit this convoy came by with two KCS AC4400.

Middle of the day at Swarthout and the last shot of a East bound.

A couple of UP's head down.

Then to my surprise a Norfolk Southern appears, all dash-9's and the lead number is 9600!

Back at the summit.

This convoy stops to let another train pass.


The last shot of the day was of a Warbonnet heading up through Devore.