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April 24, 2004

Early morning and the first train up was this UP.

Then a FURX bare table heads west.

These two helpers race by, I thought to help the stranded train just below.

As it turns out they did a mid-engine push.  The four engines were coming up and help the stranded train up in one long convoy.

Another look

And one last.

At Mormon Rocks.


At the Summit the convoy stops to de-couple.

 At the Summit they begin to decouple.

A nice shot of the GP60B

And a GP60M behind.

Back at Swarthout Canyon.

Heading down.

I took this shot from Blue cut.

Just North of the 138.

A summit shot of number 781.

And number 115.

And number 342.

The last shot of the day was of this ATSF unit and the patch job.