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March 6, 2004

Today was a very slow day and few good pictures.  So, I did some shots of cars going through the pass.

The first train in the morning was this UP with a Dash-9 SP.

A closer look at the UP unit.

The SP unit.

Then at the Summit the following train appears.

The whole day was Orange!

A look at the first unit.

An Old auto car carrier.

A look at the AOK car carrier.

At the top of the pass these two helpers came up to help the UP units down.

At the bottom.

Another Shot.

Then a bare table came through.

Back at the Summit another train comes up.

More Orange units come up.

Then a group of SD60 came through.

The tail end of the four units.

Then a Warbonnet came through leading the way.

A closer look at the Dash-8.

The rear unit.

A look at some of the cars that came through.

Then a four unit UP with all flags came through.

The lead unit and all the ones below are AC4400 6000 series.

Another Dash-9

Then a NS Dash-9

A BN SD40-2

Then a GP60M

A UP unit with 2 SP's behind.

It was late in the day, but I caught these two helps and yes a blue CN unit.