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Sunday August 1, 2004


I thought the day would start off very slow. So, I headed up very early and caught this set going up before sunrise.

Then a Heritage I heads down.

A closer look.

Then a CSX comes down main 1, here through Draw Bar Flats.

Through Cajon Station.

Through Swarthout.

This UP engine would play an important role in helping another train up.

The prior train that was heading down the number 3 train died, then the number 4 died.  The crew tried to restart the engine, with help from the maintenance center in Ft. Worth Texas.  The number 3 engine was re-set, but number 4 had problems.  After removing the panel the engine was reset.  But, they decided to have the engine behind help them up.  The next series of photo's depict the train coupling to the back.

And a wide shot.

Then through Cajon Station a BNSF Warbonnet heads down, so I chased it.

Then the hat trick of the day.  All three rails busy with the engines heading all lined up.

The UP consist that need the help.

And the mid-train help.