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December 23, 2004

My first day back up to Cajon and quite a while, well for me.  So, I got up to Cajon in the afternoon and waited around for the trains to start coming, and I wasn't disappointed.  The first set was pretty impressive. A AC6000 on the point with 7 engines and two SD90MACs.

A look at the AC6000.

Right behind was number 8002.

And number 8129.

Then another consist came through Dell, with a GP30.

This looks to be a new unit.

And the oldest unit in the fleet.

The next consist was truly strange with many different roads represented. ATSF, BNSF, UP, ATSF & BN.

The lead unit not in bad shape.

The BNSF SD40-2.

A UP AC4000.

Another SD40-2.

And a BN.

It was getting late and I decided to head home.  On the way I happened to notice this mid-train help. The blue unit looks like a ex-Conrail?

The lead units that had the mid-train help.

The mid-train help.

And a better shot of the mid-train help.