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February 6, 2004


What a day to play hooky.  I've never seen the pass so busy! I had a choice and only took pictures of anything other than Orange.

The first thing was three units in the middle of a convoy helping cargo containers to the top. However, this picture is where they stop to decouple.

By this next picture you can see how busy the pass was early morning.

To my surprise a SD40T tunnel motor was leading the way of the Herzog gravel train!

Here is a closer look at the tunnel motor


This is one of my best pictures of the Tunnel motor crossing the Bridge by Mormon Rocks.

Back at the top I couldn't believe it, 9 engines heading down the pass.

A different look through a different area.

Running back up to Summit Valley I found these very clean engines with a GP60B engine.

A closer look at the GP60B engine.

At the bottom three units head up.

A SD60 helper heading down.

Then when I thought I couldn't see anything interesting a CSX was leading the way up!.

A closer look at the CSX unit.

Running back to the top a Warbonnet heads down the pass.

A closer look

Then through a different area.

Then through Mormon Rocks this UP AC4400 CTE unit came through.

Then a SD70 with a flag on the side came down.

A closer look at the flag unit.

Then back at the top another set heads down and the last picture of the day.