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February 20, 2004

Early morning and the Top of the Pass is the best place to take pictures on a rainy day.  The first train up is this UP SD70M flag unit.

A closer look.

The Second unit.

Then a BNSF H2 comes by.

Then this BNSF unit comes up the pass.

A closer look.

Next coming down is a AC4400 CTE with a Flag on the side, notice the nose paint.

A closer look

The Second unit.

The next series of BNSF comes through, notice the paint job on the nose.  Under the black is the Orange paint.

A closer look at a GP60.

Four Orange BNSF units come up the pass.

A closer look at the lead unit.

A closer look at the cars behind.


Three Orange units come down.

In the lead is a Santa Fe unit.

A closer look.

Then the Sun comes out and the shadows hit this UP unit.

Next up is a pair of  BNSF Warbonnets, these were the same as yesterday helping a tanker train down.

And it has two helper Dash-9 units with a red Warbonnet on the tail end.

Here they are again passing a bridge.

And the helpers going up.

The clouds became very black when this train came down, the GP60M is number 142.

Back at the top of the Summit a dirty SD60M heads down.

The SD50 behind the lead.

A look at the grain hopper.

This was an interesting combination of trains heading down.

Another set of BNSF heads down

A closer look at the SD40-2

It started getting dark and I was on my way home.  I hit the brakes and made it in time to take shots of this SD40-2 CSX with a SD50 help and an SD70M.

Another look crossing a bridge.

Then near the Summit.  This was the end of the day in the dark.