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February 22, 2004

The first up is this three BNSF units.

Next down was this unique set heading down with a GP60, all former ATSF.

A look at the GP60.

A closer look at the GP60B.

A look at the last engine.

Then UP units head down.

A look at the Dash-9.

East meets West.

When I headed down I noticed activity going on around the GP60.  The GP60 blew an equalizer valve and was stuck there for 2 hours.

Then at the Top the gravel train heads down.

A closer look at the SD40-2

A look at the gravel car.

The same at Mormon Rocks.

I couldn't believe it, at the bottom I found the two SOO's going  back home after dropping the car carriers in SB.


The last shot of the day.  Under an umbrella I took this picture at the Metrolink station.