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January 31, 2004

Early morning in Cajon Pass, the wind was blowing cold from the North.  I had to put on my ski jacket to stay warm and wait for the first trains.  This morning I meet a new friend, Phillip Burnside and spent the half day going to new and different locations.


The first train that came through was BNSF trailer train.

This UP AC4400 looked brand new

Moving up to a different area we found this bare table with a NS unit.

Up on the UP line a slow grain train came down with 4 units.

Coming up on the 2nd main line was a UP auto train

While going down was a BNSF container

Then I got a picture with both in the same frame.

On my way down I caught these Yellow Warbonnet helping to push the train up at Mormon rocks.

Back down at Cleghorn I caught these train with 7 engines and a GP60B number 345

We went back up to the Summit and we were wondering why this Dash-9 unit was sitting there.

The answer was that Amtrak, Southwest Chief was coming down 5 hours late.

We raced down and caught another picture North of the 138

And then through Swarthout Canyon.

This was a cool shot of an ex-Santa Fe SD45 with a GP60M number 136 behind it.

Just North of the 138 these units came down.

Another look.

Here is another shot of Dash-9

A unit train set came down with two GP35 and one GP38-2

A closer look at the GP35

I went back up to the top after Phillip left and caught these unique setup with SOO line SD60.

Another look at the SD60

At the Summit these UP auto train was heading down from the Summit.

Then the UP helpers headed down, nice shot of a SD50.

The set with SOO goes down the pass.

Another BNSF 5 unit waiting to head down.

Up on the UP line I caught the tail end with Pushers going East.

The last shot of the day with a SD60M BN unit and SD70M UP unit heading down.