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Friday July 2, 2004


I don't know why but Friday's are very good days for red Warbonnet through the pass and this Friday was no different.  First up was three Warbonnet's heading East.

The same lead engine through Blue Cut. 

And a look at the GP60M number 147.

After the last Warbonnet it was very slow. But this UP unit came down with an old SD-40

The same engine as a BNSF unit heads up.

Then the NS train but with a BNSF at the point.

Up on the UP track a very dirty flag unit was heading east.

Then a BNSF train heads up also.

A shot crossing the bridge.

The helper end of the UP train heading East.

Then a BNSF heads down via Sullivan's curve.

A closer look.

Then at Cajon these 10 engines head down.

A look at the GP60M.

And the other GP60M unit.

And for the first time a Montana Rail Link train!

A look at the convoy.

And another BNSF trio heads up.

And another Set heads up.

A look at the GP60B unit.

And then the red Warbonnets came.

A UP unit with 2 CSX behind.

Then a odd thing, a SD-40 leading.

And another GP60M!

This one didn't look that dirty.

I couldn't believe this person! He went around the gate and he almost got hit! He cleared only by inches.  He gets the Stupid award of the month.

The train that almost hit the truck.

Another orange set comes through.

And another.

And a UP auto-train heads up.

This was a cool 7 engines heading East on the SP/UP line.

A look at the lead unit.

A UP unit heads down.

A closer look.

And another very clean red Warbonnet.

Same convoy through Draw Bar Flats.

A look at the lead unit.

And that was it for today.