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Saturday July 3, 2004


This morning the day started of very foggy.  When I reached the Summit I could not see any trains, even though I heard some heading down. The first train I caught was Amtrak, it was late and came by at 8:00 a.m.

And a look at the lead engine.

Next was an old SD-40.

Then I followed up this UP unit that was nice and clean.

Then a Santa Fe unit came through.

At Cajon this BNSF unit sat and was waiting for to pick up a passenger.

Then I caught this convoy with 2 old GP30u.

But they sat and another unit came around them.

Which I caught later at Draw Bar flats.

Then the two GP30's came up.

A nice picture of the lead unit.

After going home for a nap I something told me that I need to come back out.  And that inner voice was right! I caught a GP60M with a GP60B behind!

And at the Summit.

And the GP60B unit.

Then a Dash-9 red Warbonnet came down.

And the same unit through Swarthout.