Welcome to Cajon Pass Pictures Archive

Sunday 4 of July, 2004

You never know what to expect through the pass and today was no exception.

First up was Amtrak coming through at 7:00 a.m.

A closer look at the lead unit.

A new angle shot from the Cajon Bridge.

Next up was a convoy with a white face BN unit.

Then a CN unit!

Through Cajon.

And a bare table heads down.

A shot of unit 1000.

Then a BN white face heads down.

Through Swarthout.

A UP unit head through the Cajon gates.

And a rail laying unit heads down.

A look at the SD70i

Then to my great surprise A C60AC CSX unit!

A look at the lead unit.

And at another bridge.

Through the gates of Cajon.

And at Draw Bar Flats.

A look at the second unit.

Then at Summit.

Back at Cajon this convoy heads down with interesting power.

A GP50.

At Blue cut another set comes up.

The lead unit.

And all that before 11:00 a.m.!