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Sunday July 31, 2004


After being away from the pass for two weeks I was hoping that the closed areas would be open once again.  In conversations with Philip he emailed the Cajon Yahoo Group that the areas were open.  But, when I got up to the pass the areas remained closed!  Some of the other rail fans went to the local district office and it looks like it will not be open until November.  Huh, I wonder why? Fears? The brush to high? Our forest have never been as health and robust, so why???


Anyway, I went up to Summit Valley and the first train up was the Southwest Chief, but a going away shot.

Then a consist of a very old Warbonnet heads east.

A look at the lead unit.

Back down at Draw Bar Flats a cool consist comes up.  All the Flavors of BNSF.

A look at the Warbonnet.

Then a Heritage II heads down with a manifest train.

An interesting heavy duty car, looks brand new.

A non-graffiti grain car.

Two SD60M head down.

A LLPX red lease train.

Another convoy heads East.

The lead engine.

A clean UP unit.

Then down at the SB station a rare train, a F40 Metrolink.

At the Summit a UP set heads West.

Then a BNSF with a CN unit heads down.

A Santa Fe unit with a NS heads down.

A look at the Santa Fe unit. Notice the newly installed GPS.

Then a UP unit heads down and moves to the SP line.

A side shot.

Through Draw Bar Flats.

Then to my Surprise the train stop, dead crew which meant more pictures.

My nature shot.

The last shot of the day.