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Saturday, June 12, 2004

Early morning and Philip and myself went to try to find ATSF 3751 on it's way to SB yard.  We found it and boy was it moving, I was only able to get three shots and two good shots.

After that we went up to the pass and caught a few other trains.

This UP convoy didn't make it up the pass.  It stalled out on Sullivan's curve and started to slip backward before they could set the brakes.  Luckily the two helpers above came back and helped them up the pass.

A nice set of UP's came down.

In the afternoon this set came down, the CSX is a AC60C.

Up at Mormon Rocks I couldn't believe my luck with all the trains that came down the UP/SP line.

The first was a BNSF!

Then a convoy of three Dash-9 headed up??? Don't know why.

I waited and a UP came down.

While I was waiting talk about being at the right place at the right time and with a lot of luck I was able to get this shot off through a flat car!

This is the tail end of the trains heading down.

Then another bare table came down.

Yet another set came up on track 2

And the shot I was waiting for one hour!

Notice the NS high nose GP50.

The following were take at the SB yard.

And yes I got to go inside the train. It was beautiful and very hot.