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Saturday, June 19, 2004


Early morning and the first few trains are all orange.  Here east meets west.

At Swarthout Canyon the fog layer was just in the background obscuring the mountains. Which makes for a great background. 

This one has a nice clean unit.

At Alray this old Dash-8 needs a new paint job!!!

A closer look. Notice that it got some kind of a patch job.

Same engine but at Swarthouth.

And Amtrak came through at 10:30 a.m. very late! From what I understand this unit a few days ago sustained damage while heading towards LA.

Notice on the lead engine that it had some kind of collision.

This next dash-9 is one of only 20 in the 4700 series that is a war bonnet.

A closer look.

This old dash-8 needs a new paint job.

Then a orange unit with a NS came down.

Then a nice clean unit and number 5100

Then up further.

This set came through, but notice the three different engines!

Yes, a SD75i and in nice shape.

And a KCS SD-40 without dynamic brakes.

That's all for today.