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Sunday, June 20, 2004


Early morning and always expect the unexpected.  There was a Dash-9 stopped and the trains were being routed around.  The first train through was the one below.

And the one train on the right had the problem.

While a SP, Santa Fe, BNSF and two UP's on the 3rd rail.

For some reason these two SD40-2 BNSF helpers had to help these up train down.

Two ex-Conrail trains came behind a BNSF dash-9

The tail end of helper set going up.

Looks like this engine had some front damage, but yet not painted.

Then a convoy of 11 trains came down.

Same set through Swarthout.

And I got lucky and caught the same 11 engines with another convoy heading up.

A shot of the front lead train.