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Saturday, June 26, 2004


Early morning and I got up to the pass at 7:00 a.m. and Amtrak was only running 1 hour late and I was able to catch a few pictures through Keenbrook.

Ok, I thought I had seen a bad warbonnet, this one takes the cake.

Very cool shot of number 4600 heading down.

The helper end heading down.

A couple heading up.

And a closer look through Blue Cut.

The helper end.

And heading through Draw Bar Flats.

A new location at Keenbrook.

And a nice and new clean flag unit.

Got this  shot near Cajon

At Draw Bar Flats.

And another UP on the third rail up.

In the afternoon I had to race up to Draw Bar Flats and race up a hillside to get this shot.  This is one of my favorite shots, all the equipment is former ATSF.  Notice that both front units are the same kind of dash-8.

When I first took this shot I new I had an UP SD90/80Mac, but I didn't realize that the second unit was also a SD90/80Mac until I downloaded the picture on to my computer!

A closer look at the lead unit.


At Swarthout I caught this 8 engine convoy.

And the last shot of the day was in South Colton at sunset.