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March 20, 2004


Early morning and when I got to Swarthout Canyon there was a large mountain of gravel rocks for the rails.  It was great for taking pictures.  The first train was a BNSF Dash 840-C.

Another shot near the Summit

And a shot at the lead train.

A picture of a Elasto flo train hopper.

Then on the SP side a UP unit came along.

A closer look at the SP unit.

Back at the Summit a cool color combination came up.

A look at the lead train.

Then a ATSF Dash-9 that needs a new paint job.

Another convoy of Orange with a NS.

Then a convoy of H1 and an EMD unit.

At Mormon rocks two BNSF helpers heading East.

At Mormon rocks another set comes down with a GP-60M number 104

A closer look a the GP-60M.

At the Summit two H2 and two Warbonnets head down.

Another Warbonnet heads down.

A closer look at the ATSF unit.

Then a Flag UP units came up.

Then a grain train heads down.

The helper end, kind of a cool shot.

Then a ATSF unit going east with two GP-60M numbers 145 and 146!

Back in Colton I caught this old SP unit.

And with a UP unit behind.