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March 21, 2004


Day Two....a very UP day

At Colton it was a very foggy morning and this UP unit waits to leave.

Up at the Pass it was clear when I caught this ATSF Dash-9 at Cleghorn.

ATSF 605 at the Summit.

Then a UP unit at the Summit.

Back at Swarthout a few UP units came up.

An all Orange BNSF unit.

Another UP Consist.

Just North of Swarthout.

In Colton two ex-Conrail trains await to head West.

This consist has a KCS heading down.

Then a UP consist came up with three SP's and two helpers on the tail.

Then another old ATSF unit heads down.

The same unit through Swarthout Canyon.

And the last for the day is the two helpers heading down.