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May 9, 2004


A busy day at the pass! And some cool Stuff. Just as I got up to the Pass I caught a UP train going West.

Another Look.

Going up the first BNSF.

And through Mormon Rocks.

Then I caught this convoy with a CN unit.

And through Swarthout.

The next train up.

Up on the UP line.

The next two were UP's.

But this one had 7 units.

Then to my surprise a convoy of 12 engines.

Another look

A cool color combo heading up.

Then a very cool CN unit came through.

A look at the CN unit.

The helper set for the last convoy.

Then a another convoy heading down.

This poor unit needs a good paint job.

Then a BNSF Warbonnet came up.

Then heading down.

Then a helper set going down.

Then up at Mormon Rocks.

The Helper end.

Then in the distance a BNSF set going up.

Then up on the SP line.

By Mormon Rocks.

A GP60M unit.

Back at Swarthout.

And then back at Mormon Rocks.

And another GP60M unit.

And the last pic of the day at Colton.