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Tuesday May 11, 2004

Early morning in the pass and the weather was very cold and breezie.  The first train up was an interesting combination.

Up on Summit Valley these two were waiting to head east.

Then another BNSF consist was heading East.

Heading down I caught these two helpers.

At Cajon the BNSF 1080 was heading down but stop to let the other train first go through.

A look at the Ex-Conrail Dash-8.

A closer look at the 1080.

After the BNSF 1080 cleared this UP Flag unit came by.

To my surprise I noticed a brand new GEVO heading down and got a picture of it just before Swarthoutt.

A look at the cab.

To my utter Surpise he stopped for me to take a picture of the unit!!!

A side shot.

Notice the handrails go right through the "S".

And the back section.

Two mating helpers heading east.

Then a ATSF unit came down.

At the end of the day this NS GP60 came through with 2 other GP60M's.

A look of the NS unit.

Number 156.

And number 114.

At the Summit.