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Saturday May 22, 2004


Early Morning and the first train that I caught was a UP going up by Blue Cut.

A closer look at the lead two trains

Then after waiting a whole year I finally got a shot of a GP60M Warbonnet in the lead.

A close look at the lead engine.

Then near Mormon Rocks.

Crossing the bridge.

One of my best shots.

A pull away shot.

Through Summit Valley.

Another closer look.

A side Shot.

And at Lugo.

Then a convoy of UP's

And then Another Convoy.

All Orange BNSF heading up.

Two helpers heading up.

Then this Santa Fe unit with a primer NS unit.

A closer look.

Then at Summit Valley this unit looks old, notice the BNSF markings.

Then the Summit got busy.

At Cajon these two units, one up and one down.

Another look at the 671 unit.

Then I was shocked to see a SD60M heading down.

A side shot.

Then at Alray.

And at Swarthout.

Back at the Summit more coming down.

Then at Swarthout.

Another convoy comes through.

A nice shot of this UP unit heading down at Swarthout.

Another unit that came down on the other track.

Another set came down.

Two helpers head back down.

Then the lat shot of the day was a GP38-2 with a GP60M and with two GP35.