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Saturday May 29, 2004 -Memorial Day Weekend


Early morning at the pass and I'd thought I would try a different shot from Swarthout. 

The same train heading towards Mormon Rocks.

And one last shot.

Then an old Santa Fe unit heads up the pass, it was in good condition.

And one last look.

And another unit at Swarthout.

Back at Cajon another Dash-8 heads down.

A closer look at the lead unit.

At the Summit a consist heads down.

Then I caught this convoy heading down while another heads up.

At the other end a convoy of 7 engines heads West.

Same convoy but from the other end.

Just south of 138.

And caught this through blue cut.

Then near the end of the day these GP35's head East.

A closer look.

This has become one of my all time favorite shots.

A closer look at the lead engine.

And a GP60M number 111.