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Saturday May 29, 2004 -Memorial Day Weekend


Early morning and to my surprise a three convoy of all black Norfolk Southern trains heading east.

Just South of Mormon Rocks.

I jumped into my car and went to the Summit and I was able to get the Southwest Cheif.

And a shot of the lead Amtrak unit.

And a look at the Norfolk Southern heading up.

And the lead unit.

The third unit was a SD70M

Then I jumped into my car and raced down to Cajon to catch Amtrak.

And again at Swarthout.

Up at Summit Valley a helper SD60M waits to head West.

A look at the lead unit.

At Cajon these trains came down.

And another pair heads down.

At Colton two SD60M wait til Tuesday to work again.

The last shot of the day was a 7 convoy set at Swarthout heading down.