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November 14, 2004


I couldnít make it up on Saturday since I did my first art show and did quite well selling my pictures.  People loved the picture of 3751 and sold out on those in the first hour.  But thanks to Ed and Rob for doing their first show at the Corona Historical Society.  Iím sure that their layout will be fabulous a year from now.  

Getting back to Sunday trip to Cajon, on the way up alongside the 215 all a saw was orange and decided to go to the summit to see what was up.  On the Summit Valley side the area was completely backup with three trains, one dead on the Martinez siding.  But again everything was orange so I headed back down and decided to shot at Silverwood and the first train to come along was an orange consist.


After heading back to Cajon Station I ran into one of the guys and he said that the Amtrak train had a BNSF engine on the point some problem with one of the other engines.  So, I headed of to Dell to wait.  While there a BNSF consist came through with an ATSF on the point. I almost got lucky with a UP train heading up on main 1 but I got it in the background.


Amtrak did not come through until about 10:00 a.m. and this was through Dell.  The lighting was good, not excellent.  There were 11 cars with one baggage and one Express boxcar on the back. 


I wanted to get one more shot of Amtrak heading down.  However, at Cajon Station there was a consist heading up and didnít want to have it in the background.  So, I head to Blue cut not knowing if the light would be right, but I did luck out and got a good shot. 


After this I decided to head home, I had bagged a unique shot.  But, I always make one final check through South Colton and crossing the bridge I caught a CSX and a new SD70M waiting to head east.