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November 21, 2004

During the night I thunder storms were hitting the low lands hard, I wonder what was going on since the forecast was for winds.  So, I got up at 6:30 got ready and headed out.  In the distance on the 215 I noticed the snow level had dropped very low and I knew that there had to be snow at the pass.  Sure enough starting at the 15 merge it was a winter wonderland.  Everything was covered in snow!  But, trains were being held up going east, but not west.  So, I headed to Cajon Station and it was very slick and driving on snow.  When I got there I first got the picture below and followed him down.

Further down.

Then through Blue cut.

Another consist came through Cajon Station.

And heading up a helper set helps a consist up.

Then Amtrak came through around 8:30, a bit late.

So, I tried my luck and see if I could get up to summit and I did! It was beautiful and caught this UP set.

This is what Summit looked like.

And Lugo was the same, very white.

A consist finally heads down in the blinding snow.

Here is another consist through Alray.

And this is through Log Cabin.

I followed the train up to Mormon Rocks.

The same consist at Summit.

The helper set heads down.

And another set heads down.

I love this picture through Log Cabin.

And my all time favorite is through Alray.