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Saturday October 16, 2004


Early morning and the fog was thick and could barely see anything but I caught this by changing the iso setting to 800.

And then through Cajon Station.

Up on the Summit it was clear as this UP unit heads east.

Heading back to Swarthout the fog started clearing. Notice that this engine is heading up Main 2, all morning the traffic was East.

Here one set passes another.

A second engine set heads East.

Then I ran up to the tunnels to catch this consist.

At Cajon Station this set came through.

Then at Alray this UP consist came through.

Same unit crossing the bridge.

A UP train heading East on the UP tracks.

A closer look.

In the afternoon I caught a gravel train heading West.

Then up at Sullivan's curve this consist came through.

Then this crane was sitting on the siding.

At Kneewood this consist came through with three GP60's.

Cajon creek.

Then to my surprise an all CSX consist! This is through Dell.

The lead CSX.

The second unit.

Then two Warbonnet came through.

The lead unit.

Back at Dell another Warbonnet comes through.

At the point.

Then the strangest consist a former BN SD60M with a Dash-9 CN.

A closer look at the BNSF unit.

At Swarthout another Warbonnet heads down.

The lead unit.

Then on the back three DPU's? With a SP 158 un-patched.