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Saturday September 4, 2004

Early morning and the first train of the day, orange, comes up the pass.


This next shot is through Alray.

Then through Sullivan's curve.

This is one of my favorite spots, a nice S heading down main 2.

The lead unit.

Cool coil car.

Telephone poles to go.

The dpu's helping down.

Back up top a cactus makes for a good foreground.

The lead unit.

Then a UP convoy with a flag unit comes up.

Then this odd mix.

A GP-7u.

A GP-28M



Then through Swarthout a CN unit at the point.

While waiting up top a Warbonnet heads up.

You can see it's slowly becoming orange.

The dpu end.

Then a very dirty flag unit heads down.

A closer look.

Finally the CN unit passes.

A closer look.

At the Summit.

A top view.

In the afternoon a Santa Fe unit leads the way on the UP tracks.

The lead unit.

Then a NS dash-9 heads down.

Through Swarthout.

A cool shot.

Then another Warbonnet.

Back at Mormon rocks another UP set comes through, the lease unit is the cleanest.

The DPU end.

At Colton all SP sit around.

And the last pic of the day.