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October 29, 2005

My last day and I got early and was rewarded by catching another new logo BNSF.

Then a helper set comes up the pass.  The other helper is a SD45-2.

A UP train heads up Swarthout Road.

This is my tunnel project for historical purposes.  Tunnel #1

Tunnel #2



After the Tunnel shots it was very quite all morning, except for the train below.

New BNSF logo.

A switcher in West Colton.

A mixed convoy heads up.

Then two SD90/43MACs head down.

This is what I wanted to catch, a seven unit set heading up.

Then a very rare sight, a BNSF heads up Main 2.

At Summit both meet.

A shot of the RLCX unit.

A GP35 repaint unit.

An original GP35.

Coal heading East?

Then a BNSF ethanol train heads down main 1.

The same unit closer.

The DPU end.