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April 9, 2005

Early morning and the first train is a Warbonnet.

This is one of my favorite shot locations.

And the poppies! Yes, in Cajon!

After catching the above train I picked up two friends from the train club and head up to hill 582.  And look at this consist!

Yes a T-2!

A GP30u!

Even the rosemary was in bloom.  And the clouds hang over the mountains just right.

The helper end.

At Sulivan's more color.

Rounding the corner.

Even at Sullivan's flowers!

At Stein's Hill more flowers!

Green near Blue cut.

The ethanol train.

A different look

And Warbonnet heads past the flowers

The helper end of the grain train.

A 7 engine consist with an un-patched SD50 Rio Grande.

Nice skies!

The Rio Grande.

And the last train of the day as the day began.  A Warbonnet.