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January 16, 2005

An Interesting day in Cajon.  First up was the strangest consist I've seen in a while.  It has a CRIX and TFM, with a SD40-2 on the point.

The lead unit.

A different look from Dell of a consist heading up main 2.

Everybody wonders how I get through Cajon.  It's in my Honda while everyone else has trucks. LOL.

The same consist through Dell.

A different look.

The CRIX unit, ex-UP.

The TFM unit.

Near the Summit.

And for a different look through Lugo.

Another consist through Lugo.

While waiting for the next consist empties head east.

I like this shot.

Then to my surprise a ex-Conrail with an Un-patched Dash-9 CNW.

The same consist at Summit.

While waiting for the Conrail unit a BNSF comes up Swarthout Canyon.

I almost had a clear shot.

The Conrail unit.

A close up shot of the CSX.

Then the Southwest Chief with a BNSF unit on the point.

Through Veridmont.

Through Veridmont.

At San Bernardino Station.