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March 26, 2005

Early Saturday morning and from some strange reason everything came down Main 1. This two GP60 consist heads down.

The lead unit.

Then a strange consist comes down.

The Nrex unit.

Then at Swarthout a nice clean UP unit.

A closer look.

Talk about doing some tagging.  How was this painted? The use of a ladder?

Then another ES44DC unit comes up.

A closer look.

And another look at Dell.

Then a 10 engine consist heads down.

And then a UP ES44AC heads up the pass!

And through Alray.

A closer look.

A different angle on a train through Mormon Rocks on the UP tracks.

A very strange consist heads East.

An old SD40 unit.

A 840-C unit.

This was my miss of the week.  I was hoping this train would come down Main 1 but switch to the UP tracks.

Another three engine set heads down.

And a clean Dash-9 heads East.