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May 20, 2005

Day two and more great catches. First up a SD70ACe!

Notice yellow strips.

Heading down.

Then the American Orient Express.

Another shot.

Through Cajon Station.

Baggage Car.

More Cars.

Great Dome.

My Favorite shot, will use for the back of my book.

Up on Dell.

One of my Favorite shots.

New ES44AC through Gish.

Back at Hill 582.  A new shot.

And another new shot.

Cool UP Test car heading down.

Through Mormon Rocks.

The helper end.

Nice meeting.

Interesting lash up.

New ES44DC

Through Kneebrook.

From the other direction.

Back to the SP/UP Tracks.

Love this view.

Almost got three lined up.


Then at lower Kneebrook.

New ES44DC.

And a very old Santa Fe unit.