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November 27, 2005

First up was the Southwest Chief that came through only 1 hour late.

Then through Kneebrook.

Next up was this three unit set through Alray.

Up on Hill 582 the next mixed consist.

And all four elephant style.

I just had enough time to run up the hill to catch this UP unit.

At Frost the wind was blowing very hard and it was cold, but managed to catch this set.

A gray ghost.

Another nice shot through Sullivan's Curve.

This was at Swarthout Rd, but shot from the top of my Range Rover.

The same set that I had caught the day before was heading east.

This was very cool to catch.

Then another mixed set of engines.

Looks like some kind of fire had hit this unit.

Another nice consist near Sunset.

This was a lucky catch, in a few minutes the sunsets.

The dpu on the back.