Welcome to Cajon Pass Pictures Archive

October 27, 2005

Well I finally made up to the pass around 1:00 p.m. and let me start of

by stating that you never know how the pass is going to be weather wise

on any given day.  Some days while the rest of LA is gray the pass is beautiful

and clear (and vise versa).  Today it was just....yuk! White and gray so all I can do

is hop that tomorrow will be better and make the  best of the trip.  With that

said these are not my best but more of a documentation of a day in the pass. 

First train was a new ES44AC.

An over head shot.  I like these shots on cloudy days.

Another new BNSF ES44DC.

This was a unique catch! now a NREX this is a SD40-2.  Notice the horn is on the back?

Not to bad of a shot of the consist heading down.

Another shot of the NREX.

Through Swarthout road.

And the last shot of the NREX.

A nice new ES44DC.

Nearing the end of the day this consist comes through Draw Bar.

II had to race to catch this train and just got this shot, really a white day.