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October 28, 2005

The day started of very dark and foggy below Summit so I head up to Lugo and caught

this BNSF unit sitting on the Martinez siding. Two trains passed it before it was

released to head east.

A different angle.

And one more angle. Which do you like.

A UP SD70M passes the sitting BNSF unit.

A Heritage II passes a HIII

And my luck shot two new BNSF logo trains.

A new logo train heads east.

And another new log train.

A closer look.

Up at Frost Flyover I was shocked to catch a SD45-2B.

But now it is a NREX.

And another set at Frost.

Back down at Sullivan's curve another new ES44DC.

A closer look.

And a very beaten up Santa Fe unit.

A new kind of shot, but I need to take in in the Sun.

Or maybe this kind of shot.

This has to be one of my best pictures.

And another ES44AC.

Heading around Sullivan's curve.

Check out these two old box cars.

Then a great catch!

A closer look.

A UP set heads west.

I tried this new shot angle. I like it.

At Draw Bar.

My wide angle of Tunnel #1.

A wide angel look at Tunnel #2.

Through Terrace cut trestle bridge.

And the last shot of the day, two SD40-2 head home after a hard day's work.