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March 10, 2006

Sometimes we get lucky and it snows in Cajon and by checking the weather I realized there was going to be a good chance.  So, I left early and headed out and found snow.  The first shot is of this bridge just before the train arrived.

And this BNSF came through early.

I like this shot better.

Passing Mormon Rocks.

Then I headed up to Sullivan's Curve, but before I took this shot of a consist looking down towards main 2.

This is the shot I wanted to get, trains rounding Sullivan's curve in the snow.

As they pass the next major rock formation.

And heading out.

Summit wasn't that much snow and soon it would all melt away.

The UP unit heading down.

And another view.

And a shot from Summit.

A nice shot of the monument at Summit.

I took this from Log Cabin.

A BNSF consist heads around Sullivan's curve.

And heading out.

This was the good shot with snow around Stein's hill.

From Hill 582 at 10:00 a.m. and most of the snow is gone.

Another snow shot.

And heading east.

Another shot with cactus at the hill.

A new logo train already not liking the logo.

Another look.

The helper end.

This UP consist passed the hill with snow falling but not sticking.

A rare shot of SD50 through Mormon Rocks.

And through Cajon Station.

And the last shot through Cajon Station.