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April 8, 2006

This is the remains of the derailment.


I found this unit sitting on the bridge so I was able to shot it from many different angles.

A bit closer.

More a wide angel shot.


A GP60B.


A brand new ES44AC heads up.

A closer shot.

And a really close up shot.

And a new ES44DC CSX right behind the lead unit.

Helpers were right behind.

Then the consist with the KCS unit.

The lead train.

The KCS.

And a Warbonnet.

Then I went to the tunnels and took a different shot.

A Ferromex is in the middle of this consist.

Through Gish.

Another shot.

At Silverwood.

But a new SD70M-2.

This was funny, the conductor came out and took a picture of me!

A new ES44DC heading down.

A nice side shot.

And afterwards a consist came up with a SP unit.

And a GP38-2.

Hmmm.  Need to model this.

First time I've seen this through Cajon.

Need to model this also.

Another new ES44AC heads down.

I like these side shots.

And the unit right behind.

A nice meet at Summit.

This UP SD70ACe was sitting at Summit dead.

And a shot of the tag on the side.

Through Stein's hill.

Notice all the new carriers.

Another nice consist.

And an AC4400.

At Silverwood a UP heads down.

And an ES44DC heads up.

And both meet.

I raced up to the tunnels to get this shot of the ethanol train heading down.

And through the tunnel.

And just after he exits.

And the last is through Swarthout Road at Sunset.