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April 16, 2006

Sometimes we take chances and head out to Cajon and hope we get a nice Sunny day, but today was not going to happen.

The first shot is of the Southwest Chief on time.

Due to track work on main 1 all traffic was working around main 2 and this lead unit is a former SP SD40-T2.

A better side shot.

And I followed it to Lugo.

Looks like this new unit did not have the BNSF sticker put on properly.

Another consist heads up main 2.

Another shot.

This was taken just east of the 15 freeway.

And a wider angle shot.

Another BNSF train heads up main 2.

What is cool the conductor threw out his cap for me.

Here it is about to be thrown out.

And another BNSF unit heads up main 2 on a cloudy day.  This is through Terrace cut.

Nice new ES44DC.

A helper set was needed to get this unit up the hill. The crew had died on the law and was taken away.


Notice the new location of the shield and logo.

Working on the rail.

Another new ES44DC.

Check out this consist!

A GP35.





And a Ferromex SD40-2.

The helper end with a repainted ATSF engine.

And the consist finally makes it up the hill.

Still going strong.