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April 29, 2006

My biggest problem since I have been shooting at Cajon has been that my file disk size was only 1 gig, which translates to 76 pictures from the card.  In one day of shooting I can use up that 1 gig plus more. So, decided to buy a 8 gig card or 300 shots! And with my old card in the ready I have enough memory now for two days of shooting.

The second development is that I have bought a 18-35mm lens, to provide a wider angle on some of the shots of Cajon, as we will see later.

On this day I decided to head up to Frost since from Summit down it was completely foggy.  The first shot below is a train that I followed up.

This was take around 6:30 a.m.  And when I arrived the train heading west was stuck coal train and did not have enough motive power to get up the 1.8% grade.  On the radio I could hear that they were going to send helpers from Victorville to shove it up the mountain.

A second look as the Eastbound runs right.

This was cool a WP box still serving.

After the helpers hooked up they gave full power and the consist started to move, notice the smoke in the background.

Now here is where the wide angle lens comes into play.

And this was a shot of the lead unit with the wide angle lens.

For HO model train fans this unit was duplicated by Kato.  I saw this unit over 2 years ago serving as a helper over Cajon.

And a SD90MAC which if they had another it could have made it up the hill.

The helpers in the back moving them along.  They would head down to San Bernardino and help another train up the 2.2% grade.  The coal train would be tied down in Hisperia but the lead units would head down two San Bernardino.

A second consist came by shortly with another SD90MAC, over the day I saw 4 of these on BNSF lash ups, I wonder why?

Here is a shot as an East bound meets the west.

The lead unit.

A shot of the SD90MAC.

In dire need of a paint job.

Another shot as the East bound runs right.

And the DPU end.  Notice the new BNSF carriers.

Then a 5 unit UP without and flag units!

A repainted UP unit.

This was a lucky shot and one of my best shots of the day.

Next up was a mixed consist that would cross over in Silverwood and cause problems.  When it crossed over a angle iron broke and a BNSF engineer noticed what happened and called it in.  This would mean a slow down over Cajon on Main 1.

A shot of the graffiti lead unit.

Here is a hopper that's been around for a while, looks like a rock island that was bought by CNW and now a UP without any UP markings.

Heading down the 3% grade the lead of the coal train heads down.

And the SD90MAC.

A shot of SD90MAC as it passes Terrace Cut.

Since Main 1 was stopped traffic was routed around Main 2 here are two pictures of a UP consist with a new ES44AC on the point.

Heading over to Hill 582 this UP consist was holding.

Another shot with the Rosemary in bloom.

And then a double meet at Dell.

Any HO fans? Here is a unit number model by Kato.

Nice to see an SD40-T2 even patched.

I had a chance to speak to the conductor and engineer of this train. Both came up and spoke to me about the Hill and always wondered what was up here.  They were both very suprised to find out how nice it was.

Another shot as the trains moved along with a speed restriction of 10 mph through the Silverwood area. 

Another closer shot.

A repainted Santa Fe unit in the new style.

Then another consist heads up Main 2.

A closer shot.

While a BNSF consist heads up main 1.

A repainted Santa Fe unit.

Took these for weathering purposes.

Former Santa Fe cement hopper.

Interesting BN cars.

Check out these old Northern Pacific cars.

An old warrior that has seen better days.

Look no graffiti and in good shape.

Nice SOO to weather.

A new BNSF Gon.

An BN hopper in nice shape.

A ATSF Q grain car.

Interesting box car.

The an old Santa Fe unit heads up the 3% grade.

Cool GP60B unit.

And a nice RLCX lease.

And a rare sight in Cajon a CSX AC4400 on the point.

Hmm...looks like still in H2 not in H3 as in the BNSF website.

At Silverwood.

Nice Warbonnet.

Another old warrior.

In the afternoon this was taken at Hill 582.

I need to figure out who owns this unit and notice another SD90MAC.

And a wide angle view with the Rosemary in bloom.

The last shot was at Sullivan's Curve, but I couldn't run up the hill in time, so next time. But look what I can do with the new lens! Very cool.