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May 11, 2006

Finally some time of and headed up early Thursday morning to Cajon.  Just as I got there this Santa Fe unit with a SD60 Oakdale head down with bare tables.

It was quite until this stack train heads down.

Up at Sullivan's Curve a UP train with a Canadian Pacific AC4400.

The UP side of the tracks were busy all day and this consist heads down Cajon.

The DPU end.

Then a BNSF passes Sullivan's Curve and the flowers.

Then a UP SD70ACe goes past.

I like this shot better.

The same unit at Dell.

A closer look.

I decided to head to the tunnels and get some close up pictures.

A bit closer.

Them inside.  The mud was covering all the ties and the ties were made out of wood. The tunnel was completely cover in soot.

An interesting consist heads up.

Then the another unit heads down with flowers blooming.

Notice that this is the same unit on the BNSF website but no swoosh!

The first GP60M painted H2

And the last of the afternoon, notice that this SD60M has yet to be changed to the 2300 numbering.

Back at Sullivan's curve another train heads down in the afternoon.

A stack train heads up.

This was taken with my new lens at 18mm.

Even better yet shot.

Another UP train heads down Canyon.

And the DPU end.

Then an Alcohol train heads down Sullivan's curve.

Heading down.

And this was an interesting shot.

The DPU end.

And a stack train heads down.

Next up is this UP train with a DRGW SD40-T2

This was the best shot at sunset.

The DRGW T2.

At Stein's Hill the flowers are in blossom.

Just as I was leaving this Santa Fe unit heads up.

And the last shot of the day the DPU end of the stack train.